World Boss


Follow these rules to beat the bosses and start earning with Real Money Games.
  • Press the top-up button to add tokens to your in-game wallet. Each attack, the user can customize the amount they’d like to use.
  • A boss has 3 statuses
    • loading: the boss cannot be attacked
    • pre-battle: (first 5 minutes) a boss can be attacked but cannot be killed. If the total token expended to damage the boss is greater than the boss's HP, the real damage inflicted to the boss by each player will be calculated proportionally. Any excess tokens used to attack will be returned to players after the boss has died.
    • battle: during this stage, a boss can be killed. Players have up to 5 hours and 55 minutes to kill the boss.
  • When a boss has been defeated, the tokens used to defeat the boss are divided into four areas.
    • Damage Earnings - 60% of tokens used during attack will be returned to the players’ wallet after the level has been completed.
    • Delayed Earnings - 40% of tokens used during a level will be returned to the player after the boss has been killed three levels later. (Without changing rounds)
    • Bonus Reward - An additional 8% of your total expended attack tokens will be rewarded to players with their delayed earnings.
    • Grand Prize Pool - 1% of all attacking tokens used per level is added to the Grand Prize Pool.
      When a boss has escaped, the last 5 players who inflicted single-attack damage equal or greater than 1% of the boss’s HP, will share the Grand Prize Pool. (Not including the final 30 minutes of a round)
  • Players have 6 hours to defeat the boss. If not, he Escapes. When this stage is reached, the Grand Prize Pool will be distributed. Any player who attacked the escaped boss will receive 100% of the USDT they expended on that level, refunded.
  • Grand Prize Pool: The 5 players who will be rewarded the Grand Prize Pool will receive 51%, 25%, 8%, 8%, 8% based on which player attacked last. If all 5 spots are NOT claimed, the remaining tokens in the Grand Prize Pool will carry on to the next round.
  • The boss's HP at Level 1 is always 3,000. Each additional level, the boss's HP will increase by 9%.
  • Withdrawal takes two steps.
    • Pre-Withdrawal - it will take 24 hours from the time the pre-withdrawal is executed for the funds to be available.
    • Withdrawal