World Boss


A boss has 3 statuses

Loading Status

If the boss is defeated or escapes, it will be in the loading state.
The boss cannot be attacked.

Pre-battle Status

A boss can be attacked but cannot be killed (first 5 minutes). If the total token expended to damage the boss is greater than the boss's HP, the real damage inflicted to the boss by each player will be calculated proportionally. Any excess tokens used to attack will be returned to players after the boss has died.
For example, if a player spent 11 USDT to attack a boss while it was shielded, and the total USDT spent by all players to attack that boss is equal to 110% of the boss’s HP, then that player will get 1 USDT refunded (10% excess).

Battle Status

During this stage, a boss can be killed. Players have up to 5 hours and 55 minutes to kill the boss.