World Boss

Back Ground Story

In 2008, after 20 years of restless work, the anonymous user known as Whitesmith created The Chain, a virtual world tightly connected to our own, that could offer life-changing opportunities to anyone regardless of their social standing. After creating it, Whitesmith mysteriously disappeared and was never heard of again, but The Chain remained, and it took a life of its own.
The Chain silently grew bigger and bigger each day passing by. Al and users collaborated to create and enhance this newfound world, the most talented of them growing richer by the minute. The Chain quickly became very popular, and people from all over the world hurried to the gold rush.
It wasn't before 2014 that problems started brewing. An astounding amount of people started disappearing. Authorities who were searching for them didn't realize immediately that the link between these victims was The Chain. At the beginning of 2015, a user going by the nickname “Silver Fangs" connected to The Chain. At this point, The Chain had already been alive for 7 years and developed into a fully-fledged alternate world. Silver Fangs was a seasoned Chainer. but for the first time, he met a monstrous entity who tried to attack him. Thanks to his great reflexes he managed to defeat the monster. To help and reward him for this, Chainers from all-over the world grouped to reward him. The first Chain Hunter was born.
After hearing of this news, more and more users started to actively hunt for monsters in The Chain, and it became a tradition to reward them each time they would kill one of those creatures. Those users eventually became known as hunters, but the origins of the monsters was still unknown.
By the end of 2016, an anonymous hunter was chasing a high-level monster who had ruined several people's programs and earnings. After finding it, the hunter quickly realized the monster was none other than a friend of his who had gone missing the year prior. Although mutated, the monster's face still had clear features of his lost friend. He tried to capture it, but it was impossible, and he had to kill it. Without evidence to show others, he could not convince The Chain users of what he had seen.
Roughly at the same time, the first hunters to have joined The Chain started to have some parts of their bodies mutate. With those mutations came powers unheard of, such as incredible speed, strength, or even wings, attracting even more people to become hunters and get their own mutations. Thanks to these, it soon became trivial to kill most of the monsters.
At the end of 2016, for the first time, a hunter achieved complete body mutation and lost control of himself. His soul was devoured by the mutations, due to over-exposure to The Chain. He thus became the first Boss Monster, turning against his brothers and killing several of them before they were able to eliminate him. This new type of foe, which was a hundred times stronger than regular monsters, quickly became the priority of the community, requiring the combined efforts of many hunters to defeat a lone Boss.
From that point on, lots of users campaigned to put a stop to hunting, and some even claimed The Chain should be destroyed, but despite their best efforts, they were never able to do so. Among the remaining hunters, two schools of thoughts emerged, the Flesh Hunters, or “Fleshers", actively seeking mutations to become stronger and more efficient, and the Cyber Hunters, or “Cybers", who swore to destroy all mutated creatures and only use man-made cyber augmentations to improve themselves. Since then, it is not uncommon to see these two groups enter an open conflict, all the while hunting the deadly Boss monsters roaming The Chain.
ON CONNECTING TO THE CHAIN Users can connect to The Chain with a suit of Cyber-Transponding, which materializes their body into the digital world of The Chain. Those suits can be privately owned for rich wallets or rented by the minute for poorer ones.
ON MUTATIONS Mutations occur when someone is exposed to The Chain for extended periods of time, over several months. It is still unknown exactly how these mutations are possible, through which virus or other means, but it was discovered that disconnecting from The Chain for a complete month or longer every so often would lower, or eliminate, the risks of mutation.
ON BOSS MONSTERS Boss Monsters are users who got over-exposed to The Chain. Their body slowly mutated until they reached the point of no return. At this stage, the mind of the user is gone, replaced by artifacts of what it used to be, and turned into an aggressive creature who seeks to do harm to others by any means possible. Only stronger users become a Boss, such as ex-hunters turned monsters or regular monsters who survived for an extended period of time and accumulated more power.
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